A lifetime of telling stories, mostly about technology, but also about other things that delight us, including food, fancy hotels, and traveling. And things that dismay us, including political malfeasance, ageism, and sometimes bad, bad wine.


The future isn’t female, but it is feminine

As CMO for multiple companies, I’ve run press outreach. Sometimes I have great agency support, and sometimes, as with any great startup, I get to do it myself. This is a pitch I created around the CEO and Co-founder of MixR, Cécile Moulard. I’d call her for an interview, wouldn’t you?


Project greenlight

Telling a story that would in itself attract storytellers was the job at Project Greenlight. Creating a digital studio meant not only building a online submissions and judging platform that was easy to use, but also populating the environment with the kind of content that would inspire participation and community. It was great to be able to start with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, but it was the folks who did the day-to-day work running the platform who really needed to be made into leaders and heroes.


#SEE/mE Movement

My experience helping purpose-driven organizations tell their stories led me to create my own movement to fight ageism in the workforce. Although it is nascent, it is picking up steam, and I expect that it won’t be long before #SeeMe takes her place next to her sisters #MeToo and #TimesUp


Creative cow

I was the official stereoscopic 3D columnist for Creative Cow, the online magazine/community for media professionals, with more than 1M monthly visitors. My job was to make the complex trend of stereoscopic production understandable for folks who were more than likely to be handed a stereo project to design, shoot or edit.


Four Seasons hotels and resorts

I had to take a misbegotten business unit with a suspicious past - timeshare! - and turn it into “fractional ownership” for the Four Seasons brand. After all, wouldn’t you want to live in a Four Seasons, if you could? Lots and lots of storytelling, just not over the phone while you’re eating dinner. The result was a $500M business within three years.


I speak deck

For some reason, I happen to be really, really good at turning complex business ideas into narratives that enrapture customers, partners and potential investors.


personal writing

I have had two long-time blogs, one about everything (Rumournation) and one about wine from a female POV (Wine Giques). I’m in the process of transferring the archives to Medium, but you can see the fruits of my labor that are already there.